December 8, 2017

3 best Train Museums in the U.S. everyone should visit

Museums are places where the history that is buried long back still finds a way to live. Unlike what most of us see, a museum is one place that is connected to the emotions of the people. All most of us know the different types of museums. While some museums store almost anything under the sky, few museums are specific in nature. They preserve things that belong to a particular genre, and one such place is a train museum. Haven’t heard of it before? If yes, this article is definitely going to be an eye-opener. Let us begin with what train museums are and proceed with the top 3 train museums that you shouldn’t miss in the US.

3 best Train Museums in the U.S. everyone should visit

Train Museums:

Preserving material evidence of how human race has lived is very much important. If in case the historical records, objects and monuments aren’t preserved, people will find it hard to remember history. One of the major differences that we are making as human beings is the act of remembering and respecting history. If we aren’t doing it, we will be no different from animals. This is the reason why museums came into existence.

In general, we know what museums are, but train museum is a term that most of us aren’t aware of.  A train museum is a place where you have historical items related to railways, things that were a part of the railways but do not exist anymore. It can be anything like a locomotive engine, steam engine and anything that is relevant to railways. These are known as train museums, and they do not preserve anything that isn’t a part of the railroad history.

3 Must-Visit Train museums in the U.S.

Nevada Northern Railways Museum:

The Nevada Northern Railways Museum is one of the best railroad museums to visit in the whole of America. The Nevada Northern Railways Museum came into existence in the year 1905. It is one of the earliest railroad museums to have been built. There are monuments relevant to the railway history, and it includes steam engines that are old than a century and also one electric locomotive.

Colorado Railroad Museum:

Colorado had a great railroad era in the pa. However, with technology, the railroads that came later were all the same and were effective as well. So in order to remember the holy past of Colorado, the Colorado Railroad Museum came into existence in the year 1959. The best part about the museum is that it belongs to the NGO category, which means it doesn’t work with the profit motive. So make sure you visit this museum.

California State Railroad Museum:

California State Railroad Museum was built in the year 1937 and has engines that belong to the 19th century. After 1937, the museum went through a lot of changes and new sections were incorporated as a part of the museum. This place, the California State Railroad Museum, was originally the California Pacific railroad passenger station that was present until the late 1800s. At the stage of being demolished, it was reconstructed into a museum.

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