March 4, 2018

Buying guide for the right opener for your Garage door

Buying guide for the right opener for your Garage door
The garage opener consists of an electric motor housed in the power unit. This unit is attached to the track; when you want to open and close the door, the trolley goes back and forth along the track. This trolley is moved along the track by a belt, direct or chain drive; they also handle the motor. The garage openers hang from the ceiling and are located at the rear of the garage door. It can be challenging selecting the right garage opener. This article is meant to help you make the right purchase.
If your bedroom is located above the garage, then the noise can cause you some sleepless nights. The problem could be the type of drive that you have. The chain drive produces the most sound. You can change it to a belt or direct drive.
Remote control
Most modern garage openers are remotely controlled. If you have an old model get your garage repair serviceman to install for one. But, if you leave in a crowded neighborhood, you will find some interference with your remote control, especially if you use a single frequency remote control. The solution is to get yourself a dual frequency model.
Modern remotes come loaded with the latest security features. One of these technologies is the rolling-code security technology. To keep burglars out the remote control selects a new non-repeating access code from billions of possibilities. This means that it would take hackers and burglars a considerable amount of time just to get the access codes. You can also have a touchpad or fingerprint access remote control.
Power Backup
If you do not have a battery backup, then you will have problems accessing your garage when there is a power outage. Newer garage openers have this feature. In case you do not have one you can always use the manual release to open your garage.
Overhead lighting
Lighting is a standard feature in many modern openers. These lights let you operate the opener independently of the door closing and opening. Motion sensors in some models enable the garage opener to activate lights when someone is approaching the garage automatically.
Wi-Fi Connections
Modern garage openers let you take control of all garage functions from the comfort of your phone. You can check who opened and closed the garage. You can also set passwords and grant access to friends and relatives.
The garage opener should be able to handle the weight of the garage door. While the doors are made from various materials, some heavier the weight is often counterbalanced. Most of the openers have horsepower of ½. You can get other models with ¾ to 1 ½ horsepower; this can handle the garage door with less strain. The units stated are for garage doors that weigh about 7 feet.
The garage door repair opener is an essential component of any garage system. You should consult widely as newer models are now available in the market. These have more features and are more efficient.

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