March 4, 2018

Wooden garage doors – Pros and Cons – TDG

Wooden garage doors – Pros and Cons
If you fell in love with wooden garage doors at first sight, and you’re considering getting one for your home, there are some things you need to consider. We know they look amazing, but they have their advantages and disadvantages just like any other garage door.

If it’s time to change your garage door, and you’re considering a wooden door, there are some things you must take into account. You can’t just take them because they add class and style to your home, you need to be sure they’re worth it.

We contacted several garage door repair companies to build a list of all the major pros and cons of wooden garage doors, to make it easier for you to decide.

1. Eco-friendly
If you care about the environment, then wood is the best way to go. Unlike other garage door materials, wood is a renewable resource, so it’s a lot more eco- friendly than most other garage door types. Another plus both ecologically and financially is the fact that if a part of your wooden garage door suffers damage, you can just replace that part instead of the entire door.
2. Timeless
Wood will never be out of style. Doesn’t matter if your home is luxurious, classic or rustic, wooden garage doors will never look out of place.
3. Customization
When you’re getting a wooden garage door, there are endless options. You can take your pick from dozens of different types of timber, different colors or stains, whether or not you will have windows or decorative hardware… A wooden garage door can end up looking just the way you want it to, and complement your home perfectly.
4. Strength
Another great thing – if you hit a steel garage door, it might dent, but wood has a tough surface that won’t crack or dent so easily.

1. Energy efficiency
Unfortunately, even though they are beautiful, wooden garage doors are not the best choice for a colder climate. If your garage is attached to a living space, you might want to pay attention to energy efficiency. Steel garage doors provide better insulation than wooden ones. But, if you really want a wooden garage door, you can find a model with insulation, but bear in mind it will cost more.
2. Price
When it comes to this item, wood is unfortunately significantly more expensive than other garage door materials. The more you customize, the more your garage door will cost. If you go for a simpler, basic model, you can keep the price down.
3. Maintenance
Wooden garage doors need regular maintenance. You will need to check them for signs of damage or rotting regularly. Also, you will have to reapply protective coating every once in a while in order to weatherproof it. If you don’t maintain a wooden garage door properly, it can warp, chip, and/or rot.
Our Verdict
In the end, when you’re choosing a garage door, you need to know what matters the most to you. If you’re looking for something authentic, easily customized and eco-friendly, a wooden garage door might be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want something low maintenance, or with a lower price, you should consider steel or aluminum.

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